Thursday's Fictions


Thursday’s 24 hours are almost up. In a world in which people live only for the length of a day, she is running out of time. But Thursday has a plan. She finds out that she will be reincarnated as Tuesday and packs all that she has created into a trunk in an effort to continue her work when she comes back in her next life…

Thursday’s Fictions has the raw intensity, epic dimensions and fantastical imagery of legend or myth. Director/Choreographer Richard James Allen has created a rich world filled with intriguing ideas and stunning imagery. Thursday’s Fictions follows the plight of seven characters as they each come into contact with the mysterious trunk Thursday has left in their care. They grapple with the passion, beauty, dreams and nightmares which it contains, embarking on a magical journey encompassing sumptuous dance, original orchestral music and lavish design. It is a film whose images, sounds and ideas will resound far longer than the seven days its story

The Pan’s Labyrinth of less than a work of genius...Quite simply, it is the best piece of cinema I’ve seen this year."
Chris Docker, Eyeforfilm

Watch a documentary about the multiple forms of this reincarnating idea:

2007 Enhance TV ATOM Award
in the category “Best Experimental”

Gold Medal for Excellence– Director’s Choice for Artistic Excellence in a Feature Film
2006 Park City Film Music Festival, Utah, USA

Special flEXiff Award – For “Film as Artwork The Fourth and the Last Experimental International Film Festival, 2006, Western Sydney, Australia

Best Original Song Composed for the Screen  – For “Aria” sung by Claire McCarthy 2006 APRA-AGSC Screen Music Awards

screened at more than 21 festivals
broadcast nationally on ABC-TV Australia

Richard James Allen

Production Company
The Physical TV Company

Screening time: 57 minutes
suitable for adult audiences – some nudity, strong themes