Directed by Richard James Allen
Written & Produced by Josef Brown

AT THE FORK explores the shifting landscape in our relationship to food, through the prism of a suburban Australian family
coming to better understand the impact their choices make at the dinner table.

A light-hearted exploration of a serious topic, AT THE FORK considers many of the issues surrounding our current relationship with ‘food’. When two bright teenagers begin to question what they eat, their whole family is forced to re-examine some long held assumptions about the choices they make each week at the supermarket. A seven-part drama miniseries, it reaches out to audiences, young and old, offering them thoughts seeds to carry, consider and raise around their family dinner tables.


AT THE FORK brings a fresh and compelling storytelling approach to questions of the impact our food choices make on our health, environment and our relationship to non-human animals. Told over seven short episodes, AT THE FORK follows a family as they come to engage with many unquestioned assumptions about what they eat.

Featuring acclaimed Australian actors, Tony Cogin and Katrina Retallick and introducing Samuel Lucus Allen and Jadzea Allen, the drama of AT THE FORK is driven by two tech-savvy teenagers learning about the plight of industrially farmed animals.

Directed by Richard James Allen, written and produced by Josef Brown, and with a voice over by Tara Morice, the project is accessible, entertaining, with a broad appeal to mainstream viewers, in particular younger generations: offering them thought seeds to carry, consider and raise around their own family dinner tables.


This series was made possible thanks to a generous grant from
VOICELESS – the animal protection institute*





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