Entanglement Theory

a busy dancing man takes a nap in two realities

What ideas, images or stories does a mix of the online virtual world technology Second Life and real life dancing ask for?  Entanglement Theory proposes the hypothesis that: a mash-up of Vedic spiritual philosophical ideas of multiple states of consciousness, different forms of body, and multi-dimensional realities, along with science fiction-like theories of quantum particle entanglement, can be explored with this mix of media.  In other words that the two dancing men, each in their own reality, can meet, by crossing over boundaries of conventionally perceived time and space, and populate each other’s performances.

"...moments of supple elegance and in the overall oscillation between worlds a fluidity of movement and editing that makes for a seductive reverie."
RealTime 99, October/November 2010

“Entanglement Theory:Playing with Mixed Realities” an essay by Karen Pearlman and Richard James Allen will be published in Performance and Temporalisation: Time Happens forthcoming from Palgrave MacMillan in 2015

screened at 26 festivals and counting

*Dance on Camera, NYC
*Videodance, Sao Paulo
*Dungog Film Festival, Australia

multiple broadcasts on ABC-TV, Australia