A Dancer Drops Out of the Sky

In A Dancer Drops Out Of The Sky digitally generated choreography allows our hero to slide from Italy via Sydney to Poland and back to the clouds in one extended phrase of movement.

Screened in 2000-2002 at Media Dance International in Boulogne-Billancourt in France, IMZ dance screen in Monte Carlo, St Kilda Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia, and Moving Pictures Festival of Dance on Film and Video in Toronto, Canada, Bodyworks On Screen in Melbourne, Dance On Camera in New York City, the Footage Dance Film Festival in California, USA, Artsfest Filmfestival in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Karma Sessions at the Dendy Cinema in Sydney, Ultima Film – Dance for Camera in Olso, International Thessaloniki Film Festival in Athens, Festival Internacional de Video Danza del Uruguay, and a selected screening at Il Coreografo Elettronico Festiva International Videodanza in Naples.  It screened on ‘Parada Plesa’ on TV Slovenia in September, 2002.  It will be seen again in April 2007 at Dance Camera Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, as part of a retrospective screening of ten works entitled A Dance Television: Physical TV.

A Dancer Drops Out Of The Sky was also a finalist for Best Original Music for an Animation at the Australian Screen Composer’s Guild for composer Amanda Brown, and a Quarter-Finalist for Animation at the Moondance International Festival in Boulder, Colorado.  It has been included in DISCulture, a compilation DVD celebrating the creativity of Australian independent film makers and audio video creators, launched in 2002.

Writer/Director/Editor/Choreographer/Producer: Karen Pearlman

Choreographer/Dancer/Producer: Richard James Allen

Dance Photographer: Chris Callis

Landscape Photographer: Dominka Ferenz

Music: Amanda Brown

Sound Designer: Katy Wood

Production Company: The Physical TV Company