...the dancer from the dance

Where does dance come from? What is it for? Where does it go when it leaves a dancer’s body? “…the dancer from the dance” is a documentary that reveals, through beautifully danced and spoken sequences, the compelling stories and philosophies of culturally diverse, creative and poetic dancers of all ages.

Finalist: Australian Dance Awards, 2014Part memoir, part investigation, “… the dancer from the dance” asks multiple generations of dancers: ‘Is dance an identity? A culture? A waste of time?’ This innovative hybrid of dance film and documentary tells the poignant, sometimes
funny and always moving stories of people.

Finalist: Australian Dance Awards, 2014

Finalist: IP Awareness ATOM Awards, 2014

"This doco goes to the heart of what dance means to those who dance." Pennelope Grace

“…the dancer from the dance” was researched and developed through two Critical Path Responsive Residencies, and features many distinguished Critical Path Alumni

Karen Pearlman

Richard James Allen

The Physical TV Company

running time: 27 minutes
suitable for all ages