I Want to Make A Film About Women

Short Documentary
‘I want to make a film about women’ is a queer, speculative, documentary love letter to Russian constructivist women. It asks what the revolutionary women artists of the 1920s said, what they did, and what they might have created had it not been for Stalin’s suppression.


This short docu-drama is the third in Karen Pearlman’s award-winning trilogy of films about women filmmakers. ‘I want to make a film about women’ has won 21 awards, including several Best Directing and Best Film Awards, and been nominated for 17 others, including an Australian Academy Award, as well as being longlisted for an Oscar.

I want to make a film about women richly rewards the spectator with its stylised interplay of dance and everyday physicality, dramatized enactments and playful animations, glowing filaments and documentary reflections…[a] delightfully innovative docu-dramatisation…

Mark Seton

This is a well-researched, intelligent and playful imagining of creative workers, how their ideas and practice might have inspired each other, and it works to diffuse history’s favoured story of the dominant male author… I want to make a film about women ‘is not just about what happened, but the what ifs.

Sarah St Vincent-Welsh, “Reclaiming women’s position in film making history”, Rochford Street Review, June 09, 2020