More Lies

Interactive Press, 2021

small-1897_UWAP_Poetry_The short story of you and I_Colourways#2

The short story of you and I

UWAP Poetry, 2019

Thursday’s Fictions

Five Islands Press, 1999

Performing the Unnameable

Currency Press, 1999

What_To_Name_You_ Baby_Book_Cover_and_Photo_1_(uncropped)_of_Karen_Pearlman_and_and_Samuel_Lucas_ Allen_by_Michael_ Simmons_(c)_1994_Richard_James_Allen_and_Karen_Pearlman

What To Name Your Baby

Paperbark Press, Tasdance, 1995

The Air Dolphin Brigade

Paperbark Press, Shoestring Press, Tasdance, 1996

To The Ocean & Scheherazade - book cover (1)

To The Ocean & Scheherazade

Hale & Iremonger, 1989

The Way Out At Last and Other Poems

Hale & Iremonger, 1989