Student Testimonials

what students say about Richard James Allen, Yoga Teacher

photos of Richard James Allen adjusting students
  • Jane Barnes ~
”I have been attending Richard’s yoga classes for over four years, and since this time have found my practise has improved immensely.  I thoroughly enjoy Richard’s classes as every one is a little different and caters for all levels of yogi’s from beginners to advanced.  I find Richard’s classes challenging and each time I am able to push my body further than I expect to be able to. Richard seems to be able to push you to limits that you did not think you were capable of reaching.  Even though Richard has a large number of students attend his classes, he always manages to get around the class correcting and assisting with poses.  Richard has such a happy, carefree personality, so at times when I walk into a class in a bad/stressed mood I always leave feeling happy and relaxed, better able to cope with ‘life’. Richard at times adds his own special touch to a class by reading out profound and inspirational quotes.  Thank you Richard, I am lucky to have you as my teacher.”

  • Sascha Beston ~
”Richard was the first yoga teacher to introduce me to yoga, he has helped me progress a lot with the Sun Salutation poses.  Through Richard’s classes I have felt I have achieved more flexibility, developed more strength and I feel a sense of well-being and inner peace. He has helped me grow spiritually and his practise has helped me dissolve negative thought patterns.  He is a brilliant yoga teacher who is attentive, caring and perceptive in his field.  I like the fact he is philosophical as well.”
    Rebecca Anne Clow ~
”My yoga experiences with Richard have been enlightening, invigorating and inspiring.  I feel privileged and blessed to have him as a teacher.  He is an inspirational spirit to be around, and every class has been challenging and extremely enjoyable.  As a yoga teacher trainee Richard’s advice and mentoring is invaluable to me.  No matter what level of yoga you are, Richard’s teachings will be beneficial.”

  • Sri Ratna (Caterina Hernandez Quilla) ~
”Richard is Samadihi man especially in Shavasna for me.  He always has been so inspiring and helpful throughout the years.  Especially during the times I was going through changes in my life he showed great compassion and interest in my own spiritual growth.  I went through so many different phases.  Richard supported me even when I couldn’t hold myself – he has a great gift as a teacher and a friend which is the truest of a teacher – to see that we are truly each other deep within.  I am you; and you are me.  Richard’s sequences are so beautifully enriching, to the body.  I would feel that a good strong practice opened my mind further to the possibilities of Enlightenment especially the chanting and Dharma talk during classes.  Om Sri Shakti – the sleeper has awoken.  Thank you for lightly waking me towards the beauty in this life.  Richard, you are so connected to the Source – I feel one and equal in your presence.”

  • Gergana Kiryakova ~
”Thank you Richard for making me discover my potential.”

  • Peter A. Joy ~
”Yoga includes the cessation of the yogi’s attachment to the fluctuations of the mind… of the class teacher.  The Home Practice Course deconstructs each yoga practice into its 8 components so that it can be put together more perfectly and more meditatively.  It deconstructs asanas so that they can be both reconstructed in evolutionary layers and integrated into a dynamic flow, the duration and intensity of which is from the mind of the yogi.  Highlight sessions include experiencing a whole practice in a 20 minute yoga-dance and all the yogis doing their own home practice routines simultaneously.”

  • Hetal Chavda ~
”I enjoy Richard’s classes, particularly the philosophy of yoga that he shares with his students.  This helps put into perspective the broader teachings of yoga apart from just yoga asanas

  • As a student practising yoga and learning about the teachings through the Yoga Teacher Trainee course Richard has helped me realise there is so much more we need to work towards apart from perfecting our asanas, such as being happy for others, being compassionate, being centred.  I’ve learnt to remind myself to pull back and be kinder to my body instead of pushing through.  So the key is to work on the overall transition and not just asanas.  So overall I have found your classes very helpful in recognising other qualities apart from asana practise.”

  • Meagan Genovese ~
    “After a class with Richard I feel like I’ve been born again.”

  • Penelope Irvine ~
    “Richard is a truly inspirational teacher, whose holistic approach to yoga offers a complete workout for the body, mind and spirit.  Incorporating aspects of dance into asana, his classes are challenging yet fun.  But it’s the pearls of wisdom Richard shares about the whirling nature of the human mind, based on his studies of yogic texts that keep me coming back for more.  Having practiced with Richard these past 6 months, aside from increased strength and flexibility in my asana practice, I also feel a greater sense of inner calm, clarity of thought and feel a joyous sense of lightness in my being. I feel blessed to have been able to practice with Richard.  Much gratitude.”

  • Eleanor Raczkowski ~
    “My yoga session with Richard is the only time that I can truly escape from the “craziness and stress” of the world we live in.  I am a happy-by-nature person and this sense of inner peace adds something extra to my existence that I thought was never possible. Richard’s caring and humorous personality makes my yoga experience so much more special and enjoyable.  Our yoga sessions are educational and fun, they remind me of my true nature and produce sense of appreciation and inner peace.  Thank you Richard for helping me commence my yoga journey.”

  • Julia Pringle ~
    “Richard is a wonderful, inspiring teacher who constantly challenges you to be better without making it seem hard. Combining humour with nuggets of wisdom from the rich philosophical background that underpins the principles of yoga, you find yourself achieving what you thought was difficult, realizing it wasn’t hard in the first place, just your perception was.  He inspires you to dig deeper into yoga, whether that be in your physical asana based practice, or to explore the other limbs of yoga and observe the impact and meaning it has on your daily life.  You constantly walk away from his class, often without realizing it, meditating on what has been suggested or quoted, long after class finishes.  He has a wonderful ability, when teaching difficult asanas to break it down and show you step by step, how its achieved.  Every class is different, every class is fun, challenging and every class is a lesson learnt, leaving you wanting to return for me.  He is truly a great teacher.”

  • Andrew Mikkelsen ~
“Classes with Richard are an absolute pleasure….he challenges the body and galvanizes the wind. There is no better way to wind down after a day at the office than a good workout full of the yoga of flexibility, strengthening, healing and relaxing. Bravo Richard!”

  • Michaela Lawrence ~
    “I love Richard’s yoga classes. He is absolutely fantastic. I’ve tried other yoga classes before and never really gone back as I always found them confusing and too hard. Richard’s style is just so easy to understand and he really helps everyone. Even though I’ve been doing the beginners class since last October I still feel like I’m improving all the time with Richard’s help. He is just a wonderful teacher, I look forward to my class every week. I can definitely say that Richard has really inspired me, I now love yoga and want it to be a part of my life forever. His teaching goes beyond the poses and I love the messages he gives us in our yoga practice. As corny as it may sound, Richard has changed my life and I feel very grateful to both your school and Richard for bringing yoga into my life.”

  • Peita Bate ~
    “Richard inspires me in my yoga practice.  He leads me on my journey of self-discovery, encouraging and supporting me to explore each posture in a more fulfilling way.  I love Richard’s classes!”

  • “In my world as full-time mum to two beautiful but often demanding little ones, my weekly escape to your class is my chance to centre myself, reconnect with the real me and truly relax.  Richard I think you know how much I value your class. Thank you.  See you next Tuesday!  Cheers.”

  • Briellen Kalamir ~
    “Richard’s classes are beautiful.  Not only is it a great yoga class – challenging, flowing, and playful, but afterwards I am left with the wonderful feeling of having given myself a complete massage from the inside out.”

  • David Hands ~
    “I leave every practice wanting more……………..

An experience that leaves me fulfilled, stimulated, physically invigorated and enlightened and what’s more, the most delightful thing is that I can be “wisely selfish” by indulging and going back time and again for more.
    “I attend Richard’s public classes and take private classes. 

”Clearly, Richard has his own wonderful style. He has extraordinary physical ability coupled with a breadth of experience, knowledge and calmness allowing him to share a deeper philosophical and spiritual aspect in each practice. He also has a natural ability to incorporate humour, his own personality (sometimes quirky) and style to each session. 

”Richard lives his life in a genuine, compassionate and non judgmental yogi way which I use as inspiration and guidance. It is an honour and privilege to practice under the caring guidance and support of Richard.”

  • Paul O’Brien ~
”I have attended Richard’s yoga classes for more than a year now. His classes are always inspiring, sometimes soothing sometimes challenging, but always with an emphasis on fun! With his caring nature, Richard guides me through a practice that helps me sustain a balanced lifestyle in a chaotic world of “hustle and bustle”. Thank you Richard.”

  • Anna Davi ~
    “Thanks for your wonderful classes – we’re all so lucky to have you as our teacher.  Namaste.”

  • Rebecca Mar Young ~
    “I just love going to your classes. I’ve been to so many all over Sydney these past 4 years trying to find the ultimate one… and I’ve found it. It’s physically challenging, mentally calming and spiritually enriching. Thank you for being such a beautiful teacher.”

  • Emma Hess ~
    “Thank you for such a beautiful and nurturing class.”

  • Deborah Koch ~
    “I first heard about Richard Allen through the yoga “buzz” in Avalon!  I had begun a yoga teacher training program and wanted to supplement my studies with someone highly qualified and experience.  Richard was more than delighted to help me despite his very busy schedule and we began private yoga sessions on a weekly basis.  What a fabulous experience this has been!  Richard has so much to impart, years of study and experience with some wonderful yoga masters and all of this shows up in his teaching.  I’ve so enjoyed working with Richard, his humour, compassion and down-to-earth approach to yoga has truly been inspirational.  If you ever get the opportunity to experience class with him, go for it!”

  • Kathy Thompson ~
    “Wow thanks again for another brilliant and inspiring yoga class. (They all are but I can’t say that every week!)”

  • Gav Barbey ~
    “it is unmask-ably the fashion of the eclectic beats that drive his special drum… a centre of transperical fusion… gumboed, betwixt, ‘elastica’ met with, up close and personal the incredibly humbled elephant headed blue boy, “ganesh”.

it is a trans ocean of the deepest lapis lazar blue and the golden shores of a Mississippi bayou estuary… a dance in the park… a cottage house in county ‘Durry’ attic… the mona lisa, with just enough of that quirky smile.

he can open the flood gates and allow you the pleasure to close your own back paddock, moseyed creaky little timber gate.

from the freaky to the sneaky, like a rap attic’s lovepotion he is the mash-up master with the grand master flash with the pivotal force.

richard james allen is a strengthening soul upon the planet, a wonderfully fun and powerful teacher, someone who shares his art in the way he shares it with himself, truthfully.

richard is a practicing teacher and in this he brings the respect of the practice to his students… it is a very important teaching, that, that lets go of the ego.


  • Christy Tate ~
    “Thanks again for such a great yoga class. That was the best yoga class I have ever done! I am by no means a studious yoga devotee but I really enjoy yoga and feel that finding the right teacher has been my biggest obstacle in how much yoga I practice…I have met a lot of pious and emotionally unavailable yoga teachers who don’t engage me or encourage me. To me, spiritual people have an electrical current that pulses through them that wants to connect with other similar currents. Last night I really felt that running through the class-and I did my first ever head stand thanks to your clear instruction.”

  • Patty Kikos ~
    “It was amazing to see the change not only in my body’s physical structure, but also in my mental capacity to actually have faith in my ability. As soon as I got home, I came into a headstand WITH 2 STRAIGHT legs for the first time! Thank you for imparting me with useful knowledge that can actually be applied at all times, in all the forms of practice that I do.”