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Woman with an Editing Bench

Soviet Union. 1930s.
An editor has to save her film and her husband from Stalin's suppression.


‘Woman with an Editing Bench’ is about creativity and sustaining love.  Set in the Soviet Union in the 1930s, it follows Elizaveta Svilova, the unsung editor behind the documentary masterpiece ‘Man with a Movie Camera’, as she navigates the oppressive Stalinist regime and tries to keep the creative film revolution alive.  Inspired by the true story of Svilova’s lifelong creative partnership with Dziga Vertov, ‘Woman with an Editing Bench’, uses Svilova’s own revolutionary editing techniques to create an impressionistic whirlwind that reveals the skill, determination and creative genius of an editor’s work behind the scenes.

“Woman With An Editing Bench” is a beautifully realised and brilliant homage to Svilova and a celebration of the art of film editing."
Lawrie Silverstrin, ASE, Australian Screen Editors Guild Newsletter, Sept. 2016


See Cutting Rhythms, Intuitive Film Editing (Focal Press, 2016) for a new chapter on creative process in Woman with an Editing Bench

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